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Hi and welcome to my page.

A bit about me,  my name is Katherine Jackson from Noosa QLD Australia and I'm a film & lifestyle photographer, wifey, mum of 3, a Makeup artist and I also create prints for my landscape work!! Yep I'm all these things and more!

I spent most of my life creating everything I could get my hands on. I gained multiple skills over my years and it seems the more I learned the more it all came together to help my career as a whole.  

I ran a florist for 5 years and when I decided it was a bit much I moved my business home creating an online business. Therefore I needed my online presence to look a million bux. I enrolled in Open Colleges and my photography journey began. I soon decided to sell the florist and was delighted in my retirement!


So what was meant to be a hobby in my new found career became so much more than I had dreamt. Both my grandmothers were award-winning photographers and I had always wanted to get into it like they did since I was a little girl. I just never had the time nor the know-how! I brought my first DSLR camera 15 years ago and followed my kids around snapping their every move.

This will explain why I love to create candid children's and family photography. I also focus on family, landscape & product photography just to name a few. 

I moved from Sydney for work and headed North to sunny Noosa Qld. But don't fret if you live interstate or abroad as I travel to my families. Please follow my socials to see the dates of places I will be visiting.

Please hop on over to my gallery to view my work and to book a date,

also, see below my contact details to message me.


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Katherine Jackson xx

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